Engr. Durias

The best things in life are the things you’ve learned.
– Engr. Maria Ellah Durias

I like our new dean, Engr. Maria Ellah Durias. Not only because I would never be shameful that a dean such as herself couldn’t speak simple English, like our previews dean does, she’s fluent with it and to add, she even encourages us, students, to speak the tougues of a deseving student at that. *throws a rose* I personally think, through this big change at our campus, the school would hopefully gain good name. Too bad, I wouldn’t be a part of it for long. In months time, I would finally graduate and leave the campus I so much hated but just recently appreciated. Though I couldn’t tell even until now if I could bring pride for it or at least anything but bad name. That, of couse, would be the case if I pass. The only problem I have about it is that I couldn’t speak English, not just fluently, but at all! 🙁

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  1. yah ur ryt,, challenging she is,, hehe,, dis could really make a difference to our dear AMA,, hehe,, Go Dean Durias,, hehehe

    goodluck 2 us all,,

  2. Hmm. I remember what my Philo2 instructor told us, which is from Mark Twain

    Never let your academics interfere with you learning experience

    That instructor of mine is so damn fluent in English, as in.

  3. yeah! I like Mam Ella too. One of the memorable days I’ve spend my minute with her when she said that God told her to change my sked 😀 hehe ^_^ It’s not hard to talk to her about God 🙂

  4. deltawingspan; remember those who fell in the darkness hoping that those who will see the dawn of light will appreciate it enough to change the world !

  5. Aaah yes! Engr. Durias. A remarkable Dean and also incredible young woman. Her name is synonymous with words such as kind, caring, loving, God-fearing, compassionate, tender-hearted, work-a-holic and many more, ALL of which are complimentary of her. I personally challenge ANYONE to say one demeaning word about her. She is truly an asset to the school and those who have had the priviledge to learn from her should feel the same way. She takes her students seriously, their education, their future and she cares for each and every one of them. She shows no prejudice nor favoritism. I was a student of hers in a matter of speaking. Not a direct student under her tutiledge but more in a “classroom of ife” type of way. A posted comment from above from a young lady named Chette is most certainly correct…when it comes to talking about God she is very easy to talk to. She is a spirited woman filled with God’s love. There is no question about that at all. She is truly a “Woman of God”. We have spoken about God on many occassions. She believes whole heartedly in Him and prays to Him each night. She places all her trust in God and does her best each day to follow His chosen path for her as we all should. I myself have slipped off and on the path that God has chosen for me but I have managed to step back on it with a chat with Engr. Durias. I thank her for taking the time to speak to me. I thank her for all she has done for me. Her words at those times were as valuable as gold if not more valuable than gold.

    For those who read this…thank you for taking the time. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

    And for Engr. Durias, thank you for all that you have done. Not only for me but for the many other students and members of the faculty you have helped as well. You may not realize it now but in time as God does, He reveals it to you when the right time comes. Who knows? This could be it!

    Take Care and God Bless Ellah!!!

  6. To Everyone!

    I always visit student’s blog whenever I can during my sparetime at work to know student’s comments, understand their aspirations and even problems for me to be able to learn how to reach-out to all students that I encounter each day. I have been in this profession for almost 12 years and reading comments about me from this blog is such a rewarding.

    I visit this blog since the time I was searching for graduating students to be nominated for last May graduation’s Programmer of the Year and the owner of this blog happened to be choosen then as one of the nominees for her contribution to their thesis and this blog. Today, I visit her blog again to know how she is, though I can always send her messaage through YM. To my surprice…I read comments about me that is so flattering and encouragin. I would like to thank all those who acknowledged my leaderhsip, teachings, and friendship. How I wish I know you all so I can thank you personally.

    To Euri, Khei, Tamz, Chette, carlos and Freed Warrolls, thnak you from the bottom of my heart.

    Take care everyone and may God bless you all.

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