Enjoyed PHP for the First Time

It was until a while ago that I thought of trying to make a website out of PHP. I never really thought of doing so because I always think it was hard to learn PHP and I will never understand it. Just a few hours ago, I forced myself to try it because of my PHP project, and online shopping system, on which will be the key of my midterm and final grade. *sigh* And so I started with a few that I learn through tutorials. For the first time, I quite enjoyed myself programming, yet I seem to get tired easily these days and it’s quite hard for me to breathe. I need to get myself well ventilated to breathe properly. Is it because it’s too damn hot or my body is getting weaker by the minute?

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  1. Do you mean just php tags so you can use the tags or just… php website? haha omg I am so behind when it comes to yah… web designs and all these things about it just because I am? LMAO… well yah… take cares Euri 🙂

  2. hmmm… like i’ve told you before, I enjoy programing but i don’t really like it. You said it was impossible. You said if I enjoy programing then it means i really love programing. But I don’t… i just enjoy programming. I guess now you know what i mean. ^_^

  3. Gah! I don’t even have a scrap of idea about PHP. Teach me naman oh? Hehe! And, btw, I’d never take down your link. Kaw pa! :p

  4. Why is everyone learning PHP 🙁 In attempt to leave Saira out? Heh. Jk [heart] I know you love meeeeeeee. And I love you toooooooo. [another heart] EVERYONE KNOWS PHP! >;o

  5. Pokes Euri For some reason, you haven’t been updating Beyond Eternal! Pokes harder And I don’t know PHP =D Doesn’t it look like “http://bla.net/blabla.php?=blablabla”?

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