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I just noticed this past few days, a lot had been asking me on when I would post Part 2 of MedRec: Behind the Scenes. Actually, the part 2 was already written. I just don’t want to post it for crazy reasons like I wanted to tease people who read it. 😆 Pa-suspense ba. Pero sa totoo lang, sa part 2 kasi, sigurado, may matatamaan. Ika nga ng mga matatatandang tulad ko, “Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan, pangit wag magagalit.”

I had and still having both good and bad comments about my post, MedRec: Behind the Scenes Part 1. Honestly, I really don’t care who ever reads my blog. I really don’t care if everyone in the campus reads my blog. This is me, this is my life – welcome to reality. I’m not a god to command you to love me or like me in return for a mutual prize. If you don’t like me, instead of wasting time to curse me, just leave. And I don’t expect everyone to love me, anyway. I’m both pathetic and an apathetic. Besides, nakikibasa ka lang noh!

Oh, btw, have I told you people that dean Durias actually reads this blog? (Scarree…) 😆 Well, I always had the chance to ask her for her opinion but I never did. It’s not because she’s scary or anything I’m just shy. Hoy, may hiya pa naman ako sa katawan ko kahit papano. 😆

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  1. Eeeeee! Updates wooah! Lol XD loves you like no other

    I liked your post, I dont understand why anyone would post BAD about it u___u People these days eh? Dont worry, your kick ass as well as your posts XD!

    I [heart] you!

  2. This is me, this is my life – welcome to reality.

    Taray! Hehe. Go go go

    Nagcomment pa sila kung ganun rin lang, diba diba?

  3. Don’t you love it when people get pissed off about what you write in your blog? Hahaha, glad to see you updating! Go have a look at the fishies I bought!

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