OJT Despidida

Today is my last day at Central Luzon 2 Regional Business Center (CEL 2 RBC) of Philippine National Bank (PNB). I spent my 120+ hours there for OJT and I learn a lot. Some of the things I’ve learned there are: how to operate Xerox machines, how to operate fax machines, how to use a typewriter etc.

And a few pics..

Central Luzon 2 Regional Business Center

Ms. Est is the Vice pres and the Regional Business Manager of CEL 2 RBC. Ms. Leng is the Reserve Business Manager. Ms. Agnes is the Field Operations, Ms. Cecile is the assistant (I forgot her title) and Mr. Rudy is the janitor.

I was kinda assigned in the office of the vice president so everyone there is kind of “high ranking”. They always treat me snacks. Sometimes, even lunch and breakfast. Working there is fun and I could even apply there if I like. But banking stuff aren’t my passion. I would still prefer the web designing one if I would be given a chance to. During my stay, I’ve seen almost 15 of the Business Managers around PNB. They always hold meetings and stuff there. 😉 And they also treat me! 😆

I brought cakes for them as a despedida and I’m gonna miss everyone.

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  1. Typewriter ha? Anyway, buti ka pa lalam mo na magoperate ng fax, I never get to learn how to operate it. Huhu.. anyway, hindi naman na uso yan eh.. Hehe

  2. Haha! Uu. Dun nga lang ako nakahawak ng typewriter. Damn. And hirap mag type. Pero fax tinuruuan lang ako. Depende rin daw yun sa fax machine eh.

  3. Wish I had workmates like that…always giving you nice little treats. The workmates I have…all they ever given me is more work to do. ;p

  4. Awww……that’s so sweet. I too wish I had workmates that gave me treats. Count yourself lucky! That’s really cool about your fish pond. I think I got myself into more than I was ready for. Small fish are harder to maintain than larger ones – it’s been pretty stressful trying to keep them alive and happy. And I’m not quite succeeding… 🙁

  5. This update inspires me to be happy to almost be old enough for a job XD I hope my workmates are as caring ^^ I WANT A CAKE!! Lol. I HEART YOU XOXOXO

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