Online Shopping

Remember that PHP based online shopping thing I’m always ranting about that I could fix? Well, good news, I did. How? I just copied a turtorial script from… uhm… where was that again?:lol: Anyway, I just defended it yesterday. And got a resonable result just today. 🙂 And this is how it looked like. And yeah, that ultra hot guy on the lay is Gackt and those images were taken from Sims2 😛

Online Shopping Layout

Please, I want an honest opinion about this layout. I accept any kind of comments. 🙂

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  1. be careful rifing on bumper cars… it can be dangerous.

    wonders how gackt fits into clothes – i should never see the full version.. it could be dangerous.

    my friend tried me to get into his music a while ago.. hmm. I must have downloaded a particually odd one. I laughed.

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