Oral Defense

We failed.

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    Welps … don’t feel bad you failed? D: -pat pat- Just remember YOU TRIED YOUR BESTEST! :] And yeah!!! Try to have a positive outlook on this thing you failed. x.x;

  2. Hugs Btw, anong ginamit mong hack para sa str, em code b-quote, etc na nandyan sa taas? I mean anong name nung plugin? 😀

  3. sooo sad… huggles I know you give your best in the matter. I know that you gave a lot of effort. Don’t lose heart Euri! FAITO~~~

  4. You never failed…you were just given the chance to be better. I failed once but it never hinders me from reaching where I am now. As a matter fact…it have become my driving force to move on and strive harder coupled with hardwork and failth. I remember I was learning how to drive and while just learning, I bumped at somebodies car. I was so afraid that I would be scolded to death and that my dad wont allow me drive again. To my surprise I was not scolded nor punished at all instead he told me not to fear. He told me that I would not be a better driver if I did not experience bumping anything. You know, what he was right because after that I have become a better driver.

  5. YOU DIDNT FAIL! How dare you put yourself down in such a way XD I am like, your Dr.Phil XD HAHA! I wish you would update and come back v_v I miss spamming you with love…but you listen to me you, YOU DIDNT FAIL! Dammit you didnt, its my decision to declare this too XD I shall force you to declare it as well waits XD HAHA I try to brighten smiles with my weird humor XD

    o_o Dont forget me linkie XDXD HAHA I am in no rush to have it changed though ^^;

  6. Hun, I don’t know what you are talking about, but whereever you failed, cheer up okay? 🙂 Hope you’re doing fine hugs
    Ingat ka!

  7. Hi! I found your site through Precious’. I really luv the layout…so simple and nice. Do you mind letting me know where you got the brush from that you used for the top of the page? …hmm, I’m guessing you failed the driving test? perhaps? cheer up!! It’s not the end. You’ll get other chances. Just look at it as a chance to improve and be better…show those people you CAN!

  8. ok lng yan. hirap talaga yung one shot in a defense.. yup tama sinabi nila above especially Mentor..

    kami din niyn lapit na proposal and case study defense.. hay… hirap talaga buhay 4th year..

    good luck to you and your team and to us na din..

  9. Wait what??? Failed???? What? So confused x____X Whatever it is don’t feel bad ^^ I feel really lame and want to say whenever god/buddha/the devil/ whatever you believe in –; closes a door god/buddha/the devil/ whatever you believe in –; opens a window.

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