PHP Doodle

It was at our PHP class when I drew this doodle on my Philippine History photocopy on which, I use the back page for scratch and useless lectures….

PHP Doodle

Okay, so I am a bad student. You can’t blame me. Aside from the fact that don’t learn a thing because she is often off topic with the lessons on which I also doubt she could finish those she reqiure us to on time when she does it herself, the room is cold and dark and it makes me sleepy most of the time. And because it’s my last class for the day, I haven’t eaten and I’m terribly hungry too.

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  1. Hmmm… some say the job of a teacher is harder than being a student… well I guess it applies but not to all. Some teachers do work hard to make their students learn, but some just love terrorizing students, while some just takes teaching for granted. Well, maybe it so happens that you are unluky to have a teacher like that. lol. What can i say? I mean, even if i want to do something about your teacher, i can’t. Although I’m not saying that she’s not a good teacher. Maybe her knowledge in PHP is not that sufficient for her to further explain and teach the exact detials to you. But then again… these are all just mere assumptions. ^_^

  2. I am terribly hungry too X_x haha… that is pretty good for doodling, I am so bad with drawing I can’t draw half that thing =|

  3. HAIII =D My first comment on my new affie’s sitey 🙂 Lol. I have NO idea how to use PHP so yeahhh. xD Sounds like your teacher certainly knows what she’s doing COUGH ;D [hugs] You know what would pee her off? Chew gum (so you don’t get as hungry) and then stick it on her chair when she’s finished! Ahahaha.. No that’s evil.. >=) Loll. xD

  4. LOL! It would be fun if the teacher doesn’t know I was the one who sticked that gum to her hair, if in case I would do it. 😛

  5. Like omg, I too am getting so confused with PHP! The teacher just tells us to copy this code down and that’s it! He doesn’t explain what each line of code does! Like wtf!?! How can we learn from just typing out the code? Gah! >_

  6. I usually daydream or compose a poem when I’m bored listening to my professors orrrr…. I text under my table t ease off boredom ^^;;

  7. A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron.

    Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more.

    Nagtatapon lang tayo ng pera Euri…

  8. Nagtatapon lang tayo ng pera Euri…

    Sinabi mo pa! Pero!! At least ako, pumapasok. Ikaw, iisa na nga lang subject hindi pa pumapasok. But then, considering na you are born w/ a fat brain, it slides. 😛

  9. My answer to that question is fraught with details that is of R-18 value. I am thinking of the minors viewing your blog so I’ll just tell you about it in YM and make you horny all over again using my sliding fat brain. Damn, I hate my job.

  10. Randy,
    LOL! Good thing I know you enough to know that you are joking. I may not get easily offended yet, please do watch your words sometimes. Even they are mere jokes to you, sometimes you might offend people with them, you know. A good advice might be worth listening to, sometimes. 🙂

  11. EURI and Randy sitting under a tree!!
    K-I-S-S-I-N-G !!
    First comes LOVE; then comes MARRIAGE!
    Then comes the baby in the baby carriage!!

  12. PHP, formerly know as Personal Home Page. Today,
    PHP is know as Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. That is as far as i know… lol. But now, PHP has a new description again! (courtesy by Euri)

    PHP = Philippine History Photocopy

    Anyways, these sites might help you in your PHP prob.


  13. errr… i forgot to put a on the links…

    A Simple PHP Tutorial
    PHP Manual
    <a 0=”0=”href=””””” rel=”nofollow”> PHP Builder

    Im not really sure if these links can help you but i hope they do some how ^_^

  14. Hey euri! Just dropping by to say Happy birthday to you!! you take care always ok? happy 18th birthday!! (hhmm… tama ba?) basta yun na yun..

    on the blog..
    hehehe, nice one… that’s the euri i know!! hehehe.. d kase agad natutulog eh… kaya yan.. hehehe.. peace!!

  15. Lol! ^^ T-Rex, I think you got the wrong idea.

    Thanks for the greeting enob-x, But I’m already 20. 😛 I know I don’t look like it, but hey, looks could be deceiving you know.

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