Thesis A: Chapter 2

I’m starting this chapter late tonight and I will probably finish it by tomorrow IF I could figure out what these things in front of me are for. Geez! What kind of teaching is AMA giving these days. They provide us with really long handouts to read online and worst of it all, they’re useless. *sigh*

Take this for example:

Historical Design
History may be defined as the “branch of knowledge concerned with past events, especially those involving human affairs.” (Funk and Wagnalls, 1976)

Historical research therefore, is a systematic and critical inquiry of the whole past events using the critical method in the understanding and the interpretation of facts which are applicable to current issues and problems.

Research in history is both science and art. Historical design is scientific and the narration thereof is an art. History differs from the natural sciences because it is based upon the reports of observations which cannot be repeated, although similar events may occur unlike in natural sciences where it is based upon experimentation.

Okay, what they should do is explain what you should and should not include in Historical Design not what is history. Duh?! Even a grade schooler knows what a history is! Sheesh! Talk about worthless!

And my conclusion would always remain that AMA Education System is worthless beyond worthless! And that’s not just plain opinion from me, but a fact!

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  1. oo nga tama ka dyan euri! lagi na lng ganyan! daming makakapal na handouts but 98% of it is useless!!

    tinatamad na mga teachers ngayon…

  2. For every action, there are always inevitable consequences that corresponds to it. They chose to be blinded by money, and students suffer for their selfishness. You know that I’m not the activist type who would raise boards just to be heard nor the type of student who would just sit around and accept everything as it is. I would always stand up for myself no matter what as long as I know I am right. and besides, they deserve it anyway.

  3. Lol! On an interview, he said that the Webcast is to enhance teacher to speak English Language well.

    DUH! We are the ones who are paying here! Why should the teachers get more priority than we do? And besides, it is of the teacher’s own fault if his/her English is poor.

  4. hmmmm… this is one of the many reasons why I’m having second thoughts of enroling again in AMACC… Before, when I first entered this school, I was soooooooo proud of it. But now… go figure…

  5. Euri–wow..what an assignment! GOOD LUCK! hee… thanks for stopping by my site today- you know i always love to hear from you! and you added me in your deviant too? sweet! I’ll be checking that out!

    I have to get ready for work soon, so I will chat with you later! Love much!

  6. uummmm. hidni naman siguro lahat ng AMA ganyan. kasi AMA din ako. sa Fairview ako. sobrang galing ng mga professors. lahat sila very understanding.

    hindi sila nagbibigay basta -basta ng mga lesson at hindi sila payag pag hindi mo naintindihan. uulit ulitin pa sayo.

    lahat nagbibigay ng considerations. basta, proud akong AMA ko. kahit may kaliitan lang yung fairview branch. ayos masaya., magaling mga prof

    kaya nga 1st runner up ang AMA Fairview branch sa nakaraang CIsco Networking competition. astig. 😀

  7. Joseph,
    Hello, I just wanted you to know that this particular post was posted last 4 years ago and I was pertaining to the WebCast system implemented at our campus. We DO NOT HAVE TEACHERS at that time. We’re only given handouts and an online account to which we log in and READ ARTICLES for our lessons. Our exams are also online, and so on. ^_^

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