I had no time to update my journal because of my over loading assignments. And since, I’m at this school stuff and my topic states it, I wanted to take this opportunity to rant about our newly implemented Webcast as well. For so you know, AMA is popular at it’s computer courses and they’re living up to their reputation and so they had recently implemented the Webcast way of teaching. It’s even in newspapers! Anyway, for those who do not belong in AMA Education System, teachings of minor subjects were replaced with webcasts. This means that through computers, projectors and the internet, only ONE teacher is discussing same subjects for all AMA campuses with that same schedule. The usual class atmosphere is an entire class with a single teacher in front teaching right? Well, for Webcast, it isn’t. Instead of a physically present teacher, a projected screen with a MS Power Point made lecture outline is presented to the right part and a small screen where you could see what your teacher looks like is located at the upper left corner and speakers where you hear her discuss are present. And take note, this is live teaching using web cam. Well, I must admit that the idea was great and I salute the person who thought of it. But, shouldn’t they at least consider that the online instructor is boring! She has not even a single expression on her face and to add more, she has a voice that could make you sleep, literally! My subject is Politics, no offense for those who love it, I honestly get bored of the subject. Not to mention the instructor! sigh

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