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There was an incident this morning between a mushroom type student1 and our instructor that granted us a whole period without class. As it was since the beginning of time, I was late. For a while it left me a peculiar look and a wondering mind of what happened while there I was, spending my minutes waiting until that damn jeepney was full before it heads on to the road. Then again, for all I care, my late wasn’t counted. Hehe! So it all end up to the fact that this certain student, one of my classmate that I hardly know of for barely entering the class on which I also care less of who he is, disrespected our instructor, leaving a fiery conversation between them that even went down to the dean’s office on which, I suppose as it is but just justifiable to be sentenced a suspension for a few days.

Suspension is a normal thing in a school as wild as ours. 😆 No, seriously. This school may be small and the students may be not be more than 1000, yet, in this school, you could see all type of students with all type of attitudes. Not to mention how “hardworking” and “kind” the school staffs are. Oh, did I mention that all the security guards do, if not chatting and spreading gossips are sleeping? Thats how this school works since I entered it. And hopefully, not the site I wanted to see until I graduated. Then again, for those new and are still getting used to things as we were the same 3 years ago… welcome to AMACC AC!

1 Mushroom type students are also known as school donators by some. These are the type of students who seldom enters their classes but goes to school to meet their friends. You could most probably spot them during the very first day after a major exam where most likely, there would be no classes to give way for teachers to do their stuff; university day, sports fest or anything where the non-academic activities are; nearest internet cafe playing online games (this is very common); nearest bar and restaurant drinking. Feel free to add more… 😆

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  1. Ilang beses ko na naranasan na hindi mabilang yung late ko.. pati nga absence , eh, asteeg noh?

    Mushroon Students… teka.. mushroom, bigla nalang susuplot kung kelan gusto..mushrron nga, dami kong kilalang ganyan. Hehe. Sa amin kasi namomonitor ang absences pero depende sa instructor. 🙂

  2. ganyan pala ako dati 🙂 mushroom type of students. Well I have reasons 🙂 I really can’t be serious in the past because of my family. Thank God, God changed me now 🙂

    btw that student and Mam Parallag are okay now. No suspension (yun ang balita namin) but that student needs to show some respect and have manners. Aba even though we are students and we pay them for their jobs.. still.. they have a higher authority when we are inside the classroom. It’s just a matter of respect to the teachers. No matter how “bad” they are, still.. we should respect them. They are our teachers.

  3. Hey woah your school sounds kind of like mine. Minus all the suspensions lol. But there is a lot of attitude, and lazy secury/hall monitors. And the staff sucks too….

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