4 Tips to Buying Recyclable Bags for Your Company

Recyclable bags have taken over most of the jurisdictions as it becomes more apparent that we need to preserve the environment for future generations. Most of the economies all over the world have therefore changed from using plastic bags to using recyclable bags.

Recyclable bags or green packaging is preferred because it can be reused and also the packaging can decay and decompose when dumped unlike plastic. Most companies are therefore turning to using recyclable packaging for their businesses to help in the course of saving the environment.

Here are some tips to help you when purchasing recyclable bags:

1. Know the Type of Bag to Purchase

There are several different types of recyclable bags available in the market today. There are those made of sack material, some are made of cotton and others are made of canvas. The choice of the material to purchase depends highly on what kind of statement you want to make for your company. Some bags are also made of paper.

2. Consider the Durability of the Bag

For most grocery stores and supermarkets, durable bags are key for their customers. Durability enhances reusability of the bag which in turn reduces the impact on the environment. However, sometimes the bags should be made of light materials that will decay easily after the bag has been disposed.

This is true for those bags that are meant for single use. Reusable bags are usually made of many different materials that enhance the longevity. This however complicates the production process and only makes more sense when the bag has been reused as envisioned rather than used once and disposed.

3. Consider Advertising

Most of the companies want packaging that bears their advertising. Most of the wholesalers selling the bags will offer printing services for the bags so that when they get to the company they are already bear the brands name and other required advertising messages.

It will also keep the costs down as also some of the companies might offer the service for a small fee that is incorporated in the price of the bag.

4. Consider the Size of the Bag

Size is highly dependent on what the bag will be used for. The size of the bag will also naturally affect the weight of the package and therefore shipping costs will be higher if you’re purchasing your bags overseas. If you want a bag that will be used to pack shopping items then you need different types of bags to cater for different shoppers.

For bags that are to be used for packaging of products then the size will depend on the size of the product you are packaging. The size of the bag will in many cases automatically determine the price of the bag. The bigger the bag is the more it will cost for you so there is no need to purchase a big bag where a smaller size will work fine.

It is important also to know the benefits of the different materials used in production of the recyclable bags. The different materials have different properties and therefore all of them do not have the same benefits.

Some are biodegradable, some are heavy and therefore expensive to export, some are reusable, and some are cheap and easy to produce. The impact the bags have on the environment is different for different materials.

Photo by Bruce Mars.

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