Biyahe: SOSS Camp 2015

Earlier, I checked out this site called Kaymu Philippines. I’ve gotten to know it via a friend. It’s a fairly new online shopping site here in the Philippines. Since I used to work for an online shopping site too (it’s now dead, though), I got curious and so I registered. Although in general, online shopping sites works almost the same as each other, I noticed that Kaymu offers payment upon delivery of the item/s you buy, on which I found interesting because most of the online shops these days are “pay now ship later.”

Oh, and here’s an article about the adventures to Ateneo School of Social Sciences.

Freshmen Orientation of School of Social Sciences in Ateneo

Freshmen students gathered early this month in Rizal Library Study Hall at Ateneo de Manila University last August 1, 2015 to meet fellow blockmates from AB Chinese Studies, AB Communications, AB Development Studies, AB Diplomacy and International Relations, AB Economics, AB European Studies, AB History, AB Management Economics, AB Social Sciences, AB Political Science, and AB/BS Psychology courses.

They were greeted by fellow alumni, ADMU organizations, and professors including Jim Paredes from Apo Hiking Society. This was an introductory event to motivate students into their course and set them in the right career path along the way.

Kaymu Philippines, a new online shopping community also joined the talk and empowering students into taking their own business soon and to inform them on the rise of e-Commerce today, which will soon be essential among all businesses and companies across the country.

There were also open forum, lunch to give chance to get the students to know each other, and sessions for every course to inform them of all the events for the school year and of course, their daily schedule of classes.

Over 700 freshmen students attended the orientation. Their challenge overall was to finish their studies, achieve greatness, and bring productivity to the nation.

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