Jasmine You

If you’re a J-rock and/or Visual Kei fan, you’ve probably already heard the news – Jasmine You died.

I’m depressed. I’ve been depressed since I heard the news. I thought of making a tribute, whatever tribute I could make for Jasmine You. I wasn’t able to make one for hide and Kami when they died, but I thought I would make one this time.

On another news, there would be a Memorial and Virgil for Jasmine You in Los Angeles, USA. If you live in L.A., please find some time to go. There are a lot of fans who would want to go and give a peace of their love for Jasmine You one last time, so if you are able to go, please do.

Info below:

Memorial and Vigil for Jasmine You in Los Angeles

In memory of Jasmine You, we will be holding a special memorial vigil on August 22nd, 7-9pm, at the north east corner of Weller court (Los Angeles and 1st street).

We will be setting up a portrait of Jasmine You surrounded by roses and feathers, with candles to light in his memory.

If fans have any letters, notes, fan art and other gifts, either for the band in condolences, or things in memory of Jasmine, we will be collecting that to send to Japan. We will be collecting mementos to make a part of a banner which everyone will also be able to sign.

At this event we will be taking pictures and recording video to also send to Japan. We ask that you dress elegantly in a style that respects Jasmine You. And to please come up with words of encouragement to send to the band, and to Jasmine’s family, so that we can collect video comments.

(source: Memorial and Vigil for Jasmine You in Los Angeles)

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  1. God, this is so sad… so sudden that i couldn’t believe it myself. I’m still crying whenever seeing Jasmine’s pics T______________T

    i’d want to make something for him… but still dunno what

  2. I really was sad when I heard this T^T even though I didn’t recognize him in the band that well, I still got so upset because I knew that he was totally talented and just so awesome……they lost a great member.

    I’m in NY, so I can’t go to LA, but someday I hope I’ll be able to.

    RIP, Jasmine was friggin awesome.

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