Love List

In Livejournal, Love List is a special list of people who has certain privileges from a graphic maker. The privileges varies per artist.


My Love List Privileges:

  • You can request any graphics I post in these communities regardless of limit:
  • You can request any 2 graphics from my gallery every month.
  • Sometimes you receive surprise graphics from me (very random).


Loved Pass Prices:

Currently, I'm only offering permanent love passes for USD 15.00. If you're interested to be in my love list, please email me the following info:

Email address:
Paypal email address:
LJ username:
Hair color:
Eye color:


My Love List:

Love List members, please find your member certificates here.

Name LJ UN Hair Eyes
Shenna brutal Red Blue
Gee / Geraldine harts Brown Brown
Jacquelyn swtspice Brown Blue
Julie faerycharmjulie Blonde Blue
Orella hisescape Red Hazel/Green
Shay adorablexi Brown Blue
Sammy sp3ctrum Brown Blue/Green
Jessica ladyofavalon77 Brown Blue
Kelly moonshinefaerie Brown Blue
Tallie portus Blonde Green
Lorelei laurahonest Brown Hazel / Green