I Want to Watch Again

Noemi and I were supposed to meet each other at 10 this morning but I asked her to move it to 11 because I just woke up at 10. 😛 She said yes. So, the usual, I ate breakfast, drink my medicine, (I remembered to take it today, Yey!), take a bath (of course! – I know someone who doesn’t! hehe!! Shh… I wont tell…) and put my dirty clothes in the washing machine.

While I was waiting for her to arrive, I uploaded the rest of my site at PCV and read te Chette’s latest entry (her site’s working na!) and some of Enob-X’s. When she arrived, we ate and wet straight to HAU to get her orientation schedule. And after, we went to Nepo Mall to buy scented oil and candles and we saw her ex there – working. And then, we went straight home.

I surfed the net, downloaded some brushes for my Adobe Photoshop and read the rest of Enob-X’s entries as soon as I got home. After, I watched my currently favorite anime series, Naruto. Why Naruto? I like ninjas and stuff with all that chakra (am I right?) things and of course, SASUKE!! I wanted to watch a lot of anime again and again like Card Captor Sakura (because YUKITO’s cute!!), Shaman King (I like Hao…), Ayashi no Ceres (Tooya!! Tooya!!), Vampire Mistress Miyu (I love Larva’s eyes…) and so on.. (This entry would be very long if I mentioned everything…) Btw, anyone knows where can I get a copy of “Video Girl Ai” and “Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori”? I’m getting a hard time finding them. They’re old mangas na kasi eh… I wonder where I could get them?

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