Isn’t It Ironic?

In October, Chette and Philip are celebrating their 7 years of service as  Christians. Now that I think of it, I’ve been an atheist for 7 years 2 months already. I chose to become an Atheist a few months before Chette and Philip got converted to Born Again Christians. That’s right, became an Atheist by choice. It is the religious path I’ve decided to take, in conclusion for my futile attempt  to search for my life’s purpose. I’ve been religion hopping and going to several religious services for trial until I met Tony, who introduced me and offered me to join the conversations, debates, etc, in Pinoy Atheists group for a peek of their beliefs and philosophies. And few months later, I officially joined the group.

I remembered those days back in my early years in college. When Chette and Philip met Ran-nii, and got them converted to Christianity, there were so much drama going on that things became way too serious that I kinda got annoyed, but decided to simply stepped down. “It was their choice to begin with, they looked happy with it, so let them be.” was what was in my thoughts and remained quiet. Freedom of self-expression is the one thing I wanted to grant to people around me, at least.

Several months after that, things started to settle down. Yet, to my surprise, I found Ran-nii (that friend who converted Chette and Philip to Christianity) posting in the Pinoy Atheists group. I got curious and started to wonder why would somebody of that status (religious-wise), post in the group. I simply welcomed him to the group and left him alone since I don’t want to get myself involved with their religious drama. And then, several months later, he told me that he officially converted from an Agnostic to an Atheist.

Isn’t it ironic?

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  1. ok was only joking around.. yup that’s ironic. this is the prof that people really change. Me i don’t know my religion anymore. lol. i don’t go to mass or any religion thing.

  2. We’ve been in the same camp for quite a while now, Eu-chan. 😀 But we have a lot more learning to do. 🙂

    Hey, catch you around. Been pretty busy. Haven’t talked to you in a while

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