How have you been, little moon? It will be Autumn Festival soon. Where people reunites with their families, And share moon cakes and tell stories. But my moon has gone away far, Behind the shadows of a faraway star. Where the soft wind can never blow, Nor the little dreams can ever know.

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Warm Tea

I stare blankly at the white sheets of my notebook Watching the ink from my pen as it bleeds I put the pen down slowly beside the notebook And lay my back down the coach from where I sit Imagining a guitar strumming from the background I close my eyes to feel the wind as it blows I start to […]

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In a dim lighted room, I sat alone thinking, Remembering a story Of someone’s past. The cold evening air Breezed down to me While I was gazing at the Nothingness through the night I never regretted nor hesitated That decision I had to call. There are just nights when I simply Can’t help but feel sad.

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