Friends’ Soul Songs

Friends' Soul Songs

I haven’t done any memes in this blog for ages. Most of it, I just post in my random blog. But this time, I thought I’d post this one here. I find it interesting to know, and wanted to share, the songs that my friends listen to. Those songs that somehow became a part of their lives, my “Friends’ Soul […]

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Drugs and Killings

The recent happenings in my country is like something out of a shounen manga arc, or an RPG game. It’s like I’m living in the Holy Britannian Empire or Dressrosa or something. So, if I wanted someone dead, I can just kill him, insert drugs within his body (to frame him for it), and then later, claim that he’s a pusher. And NOBODY would […]

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“Justified Killing”

Hindi ko maintindihan ang ibang mga tao, minsan. So, basta walang kinalaman sayo, kebs ka na lang? Ninanakawan na kapitbahay mo, narape yung kakilala mo, tinorture yung nakatira sa kabilang kalsada niyo, kebs lang? “Justified killing” daw. Define justified killings? Pag sabi ng gobyerno na dapat mamatay ang isang tao, regardless kung inosente siya, kebs lang? Remember martial law? Those […]

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Thomasian Welcome Walk 2015

It was another day last August 5, 2015 for the freshmen students of University of Santo Tomas, as they enter the famous “Arch of the Centuries” as part of their initiation rite of becoming an official “Thomasian” this school year.

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Biyahe: SOSS Camp 2015

Earlier, I checked out this site called Kaymu Philippines. I’ve gotten to know it via a friend. It’s a fairly new online shopping site here in the Philippines. Since I used to work for an online shopping site too (it’s now dead, though), I got curious and so I registered. Although in general, online shopping sites works almost the same as each […]

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