Friends’ Soul Songs

Friends’ Soul Songs

Friends' Soul Songs

I haven’t done any memes in this blog for ages. Most of it, I just post in my random blog. But this time, I thought I’d post this one here. I find it interesting to know, and wanted to share, the songs that my friends listen to. Those songs that somehow became a part of their lives, my “Friends’ Soul Songs.”

Originally, I got this meme from The Idealist Revolution in Facebook. And it states:

Friends' Soul Songs (from Facebook)

Give Me One Song.
One song only, that means a lot to you. I will listen to it.
Then I will know you much better.

I said that I would make a Spotify playlist of all the songs they reply to me, so here it is!

Although some friends are basically not following instructions and sent more than one song, on which I was thinking that they misunderstood this meme as “post your favorite song” meme, rather than “post your soul song,” I still added the songs, since it might have been a part of their lives at some point, and who doesn’t love more music?

I’ve also added my own song. It’s a song called Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. This song is like, my wake up call song. Because in life, at some point, “You gotta make a decision. Leave tonight or live and die this way.”

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