Sleep Program

Recently, I subscribed to a sleep program that would run for 8 weeks. This program aims to monitor my sleeping habits on a weekly basis and suggests ways to improve my sleep. I will blog about my sleeping progress within these 8 weeks and list down a few tips for sleeping better that I learned along the way. As you’ve […]

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My Digi Bujo 2018

As everyone buys planners here and there, I decided not to use a physical planner this year and instead go fully digital. I intentionally planned to make this post this February so that my planner would have actual contents in it and not be so empty when I post them here. I do not really have any grand reason for […]

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Friends’ Soul Songs

Friends' Soul Songs

I haven’t done any memes in this blog for ages. Most of it, I just post in my random blog. But this time, I thought I’d post this one here. I find it interesting to know, and wanted to share, the songs that my friends listen to. Those songs that somehow became a part of their lives, my “Friends’ Soul […]

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Quests For 2018

2017 was a roller coaster year for me. A lot of ups and downs happened, and a lot of drama and this and that that went on, and at times, heavy decisions had to be made. It a nut shell, even though in my heart I still refuse to grow up, there’s been a lot of adulting I had to […]

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14th Anniversary: Layout Throwback

Today marks the 14th year of this blog. Every year I ponder a lot on what to write during my website’s anniversary, and this year, I thought about showing you this blog’s old layouts from when it started. Btw, you can take the image above and use it as a gift for you for celebrating my blog’s 14th anniversary with […]

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