Moments of Nil

My long time friend, Flora Tavu, who I dearly call Hana (her nickname), recently published her first book titled Moments of Nil.

Moments of Nil is a collection of short stories and poems that she wrote for 10 years. The book is published under Partridge Singapore. You can purchase the book via Amazon (link here) or few selected bookstores.

Hana is a friend I met online. She used to live in the Philippines, but eventually moved to Brunei. In our younger years in the Internet (college days, I think), we used to write short stories and poems together, and blogged a lot. I still write poems now, too. But I don’t write short stories like her anymore. I never ended up finishing my Let It Rain series. Anyway, I remembered when she used to ask me about book publishing years ago and I was sort of helping her find a publisher, but I was no help. I was really surprised when she told me months ago that she’s going to have a book published. So, in support, I’d like to announce it to everyone too, in case I get someone to be interested to her book.

Back in the day, I read some of her poems at her old poetry website. I’m assuming those were the ones she got published. They’re were pretty good, in my opinion. There are some poems that I really liked and there are those where I could relate to.

I haven’t bought the book myself, but if you love reading short stories from Wattpad, you’ll probably love her works too.

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  1. I love you too Euri <3

    I've been out from the online world these days — currently assisting principal to a private college (can you believe it? I don't either)

    And I really miss the blogging days, in fact I will try to start again soon for this book and my life as an educator.

    And no, Euri — for a big part of my life you were there and I can't thank you enough. The presence of and reading it is a big part of me.

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