Happy Valentines 2015!


As usual, please click the image above to save it and link it back to me.

Some of you guys might not have known, but I do have a Valentine site up this year. Please visit it when you’ve got time to spare. I’ve got a few goodies up there for you. At first, I was thinking that I would not continue with having a Valentine site up because other pixel sites no longer does them, except a few. But I decided to keep it because it’s where I put all my game prizes and gifts, etc.

And while I’m at it, I would like to also announce that my gallery is finally up. It’s been down for a few months, and was moved around because I was organizing it. In a few weeks after this, I will retire and take down some graphics that I no longer wanted to keep. I don’t think anyone ever wants them still, anyway. But just in case someone does, I’ll probably create another sub-site, a page, or perhaps just a post for all my retired graphics at a later date.

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