Beyond Eternal 7th Anniversary

Yey! It’s my domain’s 7th year anniversary today!

(I’ll follow up on the gift image later~)

Please click the image to get the URL. And yes, it’s hosted in my Picasa, so you can hotlink it.


Last year and the year before that, I totally forgot about it until a few days had passed. But today, I remembered it! I almost forgot it, but just remembered it randomly along the way while working. So I made this quick post before I totally forget about it later on.

To all those I’ve been blog buddies with since livejournal era, you’re all doomed to be my blog buddies until you get married; have children; and your children growing up and start blogging themselves; them getting married and then having their own; and their children growing up and also starts blogging themselves. 😛

I’ll be around for a few more years or decades, who knows. Let’s be blog buddies until we grow old~?

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  1. OMG, you’ve had this domain for seven years …? That’s freakin’ crazy! I’ve had mine for six years, and it’ll be seven as well on 24 April 2011. ^____^

    Happy birthday, BeyondEternal.Com! =3

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