2015 Planner Project

2015 Planner Project
2015 Planner Project

Instead of buying a planner, I thought I would make my own planner for a change. And I started this planner project December last year.

To be honest, finding the perfect planner was extremely hard. Originally, I wanted a 6-hole metal binder ring. But unfortunately, for reasons unknown, I can’t freaking find one anywhere in Metro Manila. Or at least, I couldn’t find one in bookstores I’ve gone to. I tried asking in National Bookstores, but the staffs I’ve asked told me that these types of binders are all “phased out” on their stores. So I had to settle with 20-hole binders. I found a few 20-hole metal ring binders, but I didn’t really like how they looked. I wanted a simple one without any design at all. I found a black one in National Bookstore, but it’s pretty expensive (about PHP 500.00+). Being a cheap ass, I wanted something that’s simple and not way too expensive. But in case I couldn’t find any, I thought that I’ll buy that one as my last resort.

Luckily, I found this:

I found it in Metro Department Store. It’s plastic though, and has plastic 20-hole rings. But the thing I love about it is that envelop cover and that it’s extremely cheap. It cost only about PHP 50.00. Like, seriously.

So as soon as I bought it, I started designing my own personal planner pages. But I got held up with life and days passed by without me finishing anything at all, so I decided to just print out whatever I find that’s available on the Internet.

Since I’m a person whose color scheme revolves around black and white, all of my planner pages are all in black and white. And if I found one that I love but is colored, I convert them to black and white.

This is my “cover page” (even though it’s not in the cover, technically.) I’m a super fan of Vampire Hunter D, so D has to be in my planner’s second page. First page will be forever be a black page.

This is how my current calendar pages look. It’s a free black and white calendar made by Vanessa Quijano. It’s simple, yet very beautiful. I fell in love with it at first glace.

These are monthly planner pages. I got them from Connie’s File Cabinet. They’re all beautifully hand-drawn by Connie long ago, and then scanned them later and posted them to her blog.

I didn’t include it here, but I got my weekly pages from Ahhh-Design.com because I’ve always have a special spot for retro things.

My planner isn’t really consistent, theme-wise. But I like it this way. It gives a different approach to my “ordered chaos” personality. XD

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