So I made my first Livejournal entry after a really really long time. Yes, I’m back to blogging in LJ again.

It all started when this post came out last month. Everyone went flashing back to our old LJ days. A few days later, I got invited to join a closed group in Facebook for old LJ friends. I think, if I remember correctly, it was Sammy who invited me. There, we get to hang out with old friends and recall random things from the past. And then slowly, everyone just started coming back to LJ. Yay! So now, LJ is being all fun and active again. Especially the graphics community.

I never really left LJ. I’m still around reading friends feed and occasional commenting if I have something to say. And of course, requesting graphics. XD

I also did a HUGE friends cut. I announced it everywhere. I decided to start fresh and deleted old entries. I thought I’ll keep my LJ strictly private this time.

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