I Won at Raffles!

I was supposed to blog this over the holiday season, but my younger brother and I got too engrossed with our Supernatural marathon that we couldn’t leave it even for a second, while alternating with the computer watching with my older brother who was doing a Sleepy Hollow marathon. We’re siblings who love supernatural, action, horror type of TV series.

I’ve been collecting advent goodies and gifts from several pixel sites. It was really fun. And guess what? I’ve won 2 raffles over the entire holiday season and one of them was a raffle from an Advent Calendar, too.

I got my first from Melissa of Momma203 Pixel Place. It’s a membership to her pixel site. I think it’s a lifetime one. I’m not quite sure. Melissa once spoiled me with tons of sigtags from an event in TSVP. I love them! That’s why I’m very excited for this membership. Thank you Melissa! 😀

The second one was from Heather of All Things Cute. ATC has this point system where you win points from participating in events, games and such. You can exchange the points for free blinkies from Heather’s gallery, and she makes really cute blinkies too! Thank you again, Heather! 😀

This is my second time winning at raffles since I’ve won my first from Orella of Art by Rel for a Loved Pass.

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  1. OooOoOoO!! Congrats on winning from both Melissa and Heather!! 😀 That’s awesome, what a great way to top off your 2014 😉

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