Omedetou Onii-san!

Recently, I just found out that Onii-san now has a job. He’ll be teaching at uhmm… some school. Don’t know, and don’t care about details so leave it be. But the highlight of it is he should now be called Randy-sensei! =3 Kakkoii! <3 I wanna teach too? Well, uhm… nah… Teaching is definitely not for me. I don’t have that guts and that patience to teach and I really think teaching is hard.

Omedetou Onii-san for the job and ganbatte! (^o^)// Ask your student’s to call you sensei instead of Mr. [insert surname here]. Because your surname is damn hard to pronounce!

Oh yeah, my last post sponsor link, San Diego personal training, has something to do with boxing. I think they make some program to train people for boxing or something like that. And no, I please don’t expect a Pacman (Paquiao) entry from me following that boxing idea. I would rather blog about Ippo than some celebrity boxer who’s already damn too popular. I wont waste my typing strenght to rant about Paquiao either because no matter how much I type, it wont lessen those fans going crazy about him for reasons I myself don’t know. In my eyes, Gackt’s abs is a lot sexier than that of Paquiao and Gackt wins a thousand baths too. And I’m not exaggerating. Therefore, I am not interested. X-P

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  1. Oh, yey! Congratulations to him for landing a job. I wish I understand the wors you’re using. ^_^

    Ahh, Pacquiao. *zips mouth* 😆

  2. Omedetou –> Congratulations.
    Kakkoii –> Cool.
    Ganbatte –> Do your best!
    Sensei –> teacher.

    They were almost the only Japanese words I know. I came to learn them because people from our forums are mostly using them ^_^

  3. My goodness I am in the limelight. Not planning to stay a sensei forever though. I still have to plan for world domination. Thanks for the cheers. For the record, they do call me Prize-Sensei sometimes. SIr Prize (surprise?) as well.

    Another thing. Teaching is not my only job. I am in a sort of multitasking career mode. Still got no direction. ^_^

  4. Ah.. it doesn’t matter. >.< Why the heck are you asking student’s to call you “Prize.” The name’s so lame. I’ll come up with a more gay name for you, do you want em to? Of course, in exchange for a shaveed chest hairs in an image, strip naked. Or another plate of lasagna as always.:P

  5. Yo! Euri! This is me Aiah. I changed URL already. Please chaneg my name ALIAH to SESE.

    And of course GACKT is sexier than Pacman.

  6. Eww.. Just blog hopping.. ^_^ Congratulations to your brother for getting that job.. 😛 (I hope I’m not wrong as I usually am :lmao:) Uhm… Just forget that last one X-P

  7. Oh wow! PTL! Congrats Randy! I mean Sensei-Randy! It maybe weird for some people but this is an answered prayer for him to have a job! We heard a lot about him last 2006 so me and Philip prayed for his life and to have a job 🙂 Of course, we still care especially we are his fruits 😀 (even though he changed, it doesn’t change the fact, he was used for us to get to know the BIG GUY up there and we are blessed because he had the time to introduced Him to us. And we are growing now so much! We are indeed greatful for him).

    PTL! it’s about time Randy 🙂

  8. Gackt’s abs is a lot sexier than that of Paquiao and Gackt wins a thousand baths too. And I’m not exaggerating.

    wahahahha!!! You bet! XD I’m getting tired of seeing him all over the media. Rawr. Can’t we have even just a commercial with Gackt in it? O_o’

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