49th Day

Today’s my dad’s 49th day. We went to the cemetery to light candles, offer food, burn incense and burn joss paper – the usual stuff.

In Chinese funeral traditions, funeral lasts for 49 days. According to my dad, when my grandfather died, it takes 49 days for the spirit of the dead to journey to ?? (Diyu) or underworld, where dead people are being judged based on how they lived their lives. It’s where people are judged by how they lived their life, and depending on it, their spirits are either punished or renewed and reincarnated right after.

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  1. We stopped burning joss… I told them that it’s bad for the ozone and the old folks listened LOL 😛 Anyway, I’m proud of you on how you’ve handled things for the past 2 months 🙂

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