Smart Wifi

❗ Warning: Strong Rant Ahead

This is An open letter to Smart Wifi and it contains rude words that might get your blood boiling 100 Degrees Celsius. Read at your own discretion. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Everdearest Smart Wifi,

Putang ina naman eh. Ano na ba talaga? From the day I got myself your freaking wifi connection, there was never a day that pass that I considered myself “lucky” to have your connection. In short, I was never happy with it. Faster connection daw sabi ng advertisments sa tv, newspapers and that whole shit! I’m paying for a 256 kbps here for so you know, and guest what? My dial up connection was even faster. Aside from that fact, I always get myself disconnected. I am aware that wifi connections gets disturbances whenever it’s raining. Pero hello? Ang init-init noh! Don’t tell me, it also gets disturbances from sun heat? Look, as a paying customer, I have the right to react and furthermore, I have the most right to rant because I feel like I’m already wasting money here! To make things worst, hindi ko naman mapadisconnect even if I wanted to because when I do, I am mandated to pay for the entire year of it!

Damn it!

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  1. Hi! I’m really just bloghopping from one link to another and your entry caught my eye. Mainly because I do use SMART WiFi as well and share your sentiments.

    Smart’s customer service and I have been buds for so long now. Since there came a time when I was calling them non-stop.

    I feel for you. hehe. 🙂

  2. Thats Smart in a nutshell for ya. Hehe.

    To think that I even considered transferring to Wifi when PLDT was fucking us up.

  3. Hay naku.

    Thank God I convinced my mom NOT to get WiFi.

    Lipat na lang kayo sa Globelines Broadband. Haha. Ganda naman ng koneksyon e. Ang bilis! 384kbps, i think… I don’t know, but the cheapest plan we got runs 2.0MBps. Ang bilis nga. Hehe.

    So, yan. We don’t trust Smart and PLDT. XP

    oh yeah, sorry, I’m just blog hopping now. I’m on the laptop. Nandito na kasi kami sa Bacolod, tsaka dial-up [internet card] kami.

    Can’t fix the blog.


    Well, got to go. Leave a comment. XP

    Fuck you all.

  4. they’ve actually rebranded the service as smart bro. you can read a lot more from smart wifi/bro customers <a href=””” rel=”nofollow”>here

  5. Euri-chan, kala ko pina-disconnect mo na? O_o

    Hustler pala mga tao sa Smart, eh. You have to pay a year’s total fee? Tsk….

    pat pat

  6. j ig-
    Smart bro? That’s their lamest rebranding just to cover all those issues. XP

    Been there. No help from that site either. 🙁

  7. Wow. Hehe. Kaya ayaw ko sa smart 😛 nyahahah. Kainis talaga. I think there was this senator here sa Cebu who wanted to put some law about these networks and their false adverts.

  8. yep, since the complaints about smart wifi have snowballed in the blogosphere they rebranded it. but i think it’s the same (un)service

  9. haha…i think i once said mean stuff to smart support. im also having prob with their mms service. all they can do, is to damn say sorry. thats it.

  10. naku. and my mom was thinking of changing our cable connection to smart wifi… 😛

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    ~Euri @ 1223H260606

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