New Year 2006

New year 2006 draws near everyone, better pick up your gifts from here and do not forget to link me back! Again, just click the link and copy it from there. 🙂

New Year 2006

To my friends, blog buddies and affiliates,
I already assumed you received your personalized gift. If not, please do tell me. 🙂

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  1. ohh that’s soo sweet.. thank u!! it’s sooo pretty! happy new yr too!! ^.~

    the images are still the same.. i thought it was really ur layout even before (the stupid that i am hehe) .. all images are the same… except for ur new yr’s gift here.. but why am i the only one (i think) that has the problem? i hope it can be fixed so i can finally see ur layout…

    take care!
    ~ hanie

  2. all images are the same? except for ur new yr?s gift here..

    I’m really sorry about you not able to view the site. I just jope you’ll be the only one who gets the same problem. ^_^;;

    How about try deleting your cache or refreshing the site for a couple of times?

    If problems still persist, consult me again?

  3. Aww, thanks so much, for the gift, Euri. I totally wasn’t expecting it. Have a wonderful New Year’s! =D

  4. Beautiful gift, Euri. Thanks. =)

    Happy new year!
    Ngayon ba yung EB nung pinoy atheists? Or kahapon? Anyway, ndi ako puedeng parehong araw…andito pa ako sa probinsya. =(

  5. I got mineeee !! :] :]
    And 0H EM GEE mine looked hotter than everybody else’s!
    Cuhz of my name duhhh it’s so much better.
    8D j0ke-ang!
    Anyway, HAPPy NEW yEAR and gl with everything! i love you! muah’s!!

  6. thats so preety! im not taking it cuz i just dropped by here.. hehe, but i do hope you have a great 2006 and to your family too 🙂

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