Yesterday, I got this message from a certain person in Friendster that calls himself Fuckkk aM a LoSeR.

Fuckkk aM wrote:
> No.. I just want to add U coz i like ur style.. I guess ur also an eMo.. But if im wrong.. Sori.. By d way plz accept my request.. Plz.. Coz i just want u to be my friend in friendster but also in relity but its impossible.. But i hope it would be possible..
> So plz do add me.. Ok Take Care..
> Euri wrote:
> > Yo friend.
> > Do I know you?
> >
> > ~ Euri
> >

OMFS. I’ve just been called an “eMo”. Please notice the capital “M”. I’m not really sure if this guy is a little drunk or he doesn’t really know what emo is. And because I’m such a nice person, I’ll educate him. Oh! Btw guys, please don’t bite my new prey friend. >:)

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  1. You want him to be snarkified? I know a group of Men who Blog who would take great joy in snarkifying this douche. Bwahaha!

  2. “eMo”?? wat’s the meaning? emotional? according to this site: http://www.fourfa.com/ don’t know if it’s the true meaning.

    I’ll give you na lang a page of the “Death Note” then find out his name coz you already got his face hehehe.. 😆

  3. ZOMG he’s getting desperate! Quick! Add him up already! You don’t want to be responsible for what he will do, like cutting himself and all that crap emo kids do, if you don’t.

    Another thing… The guy claims to be 19 years old and yet he yaks like a retard. Horrible grammar, shortcut typing, blah blah. U/ur instead of you/your. Coz instead of ’cause/because. Plz instead of please.

    Ah, joy!

  4. @ Talamasca ~
    Yeah, I already added him. Baka magpakamatay pa to, kasalanan ko pa. That message sure was the funniest message I got since I opened that Friendster account some X years ago.

  5. ‘eMo’?! OMG what does that even mean. -.- I hate Internet English these days. They’re pretty much spoiling it. Believe me, I used to tYpE sTiCkY cApS and then I stopped eversince I got penpals from America, who type good English. (: Btw, I’ve created a forum. x) The URL’s on my blog.

  6. amputa…emo?tangina… andameng emong posers…maporma lang emo pero la naman binatbat…aysus… ang bangs ah…ang bangs…

    (ganun kadalasan ang itsura ng emo…dahil sa bangs)

    porma ba usapan, lyriko, o mga kanta?

  7. Wala naman akong bangs ah? One length ang hair ko dude. 3 1/2 feet long, one length straight dark brown hair. ^_^

  8. Haha, I’ve received similar messages after asking why in hell they’re adding me when it’s clearly stated that “if I don’t know you, don’t add me” blah blah. Geesh.

    But hey, just for the record, the loser does admit that he’s a…loser. Emo. *chuckles*

  9. LOL THIS GUYS FLIPPIN HILARIOUS! EMO HAHAHAAH has the guy been to camden town before? ever? in his life time!? you are not emo (unless you wanna be lol) but in my eyes you are very unemo which I would say is good 🙂
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxx emos in england are stereotypes of people who dress and act depressed its also the fashion among them to self harm its taken quite offensively over here ! for those who didn’t know.

  10. ibig qng sabihin, ganun ang itsura ng mga emo ngayon… siguro nagmumukha kang emo dahil sa ‘poses’ mo


    pero minsan, pag ganun kagad ang nakikita nila, hinuhusgahan nilang emo… iba-iba kase ang definition nila ng emo… akala nila emosyonal dahil sa root-word na emo

    mga tao nga naman ngayon

  11. Uwah? So <a href=”http://photos.friendster.com/photos/87/30/5930378/17258718141820l.jpg”” rel=”nofollow”>this is a face of an emo? Really, now.

    Para na niyang sinabi saking, si Marilyn Manson ay emo. Si Amy Lee ng Evanescence ay emo. Ang Bauhaus, Type O Negative, Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey, Gazette, Alice Nine, Kagrra, Merry, Phantasmagoria, Antic Cafe etc. ay emo bands. At lahat ng nakaitim ay emo. 😆

    Mas malala pa siya dun sa isang nakausap ko dati na ang sabi sakin, lahat daw ng naka black ay goth. At least, kahit papano, tumama siya sa puntong si Marilyn Manson (person) ay goth. But, the Marilyn Manson (band) is not a goth band. It’s an alternative/industrial metal.

  12. nakasanayan na kase nila na pag ganung itsura, gano ang personality…

    tulad ng sinabi mo…
    pag gusgusin ba ang tao, mahirap na ba siya?
    kaya nga nauso ang “poser”, “coniotic -poser”
    na yung porma lang ang habol pero hindi ganun ang personality..

    marami na ang ganun ngayon. nagpoporma ng itsurang gothic pero ang hilig naman na musika ay yung mga britney spears.

    mamatay na ang mga poser
    sila ang dahilan kung bakit nasisira ang imahe ng kung anuano.

    tangina sila.

    pasensya sa mura ha

  13. ewan ko ba bat nauso pa tong pa emo emo na to.. kahit na mga goth eh napagkamalang mga emo.. mga sunod sa uso lang ang mga tao na to..kumbaga mga jologs.. at saka am pangit pakinggan yung emo songs..

    hindi “emotional ang emo(nayon)” pormahan na lang… :lmao:

  14. Hindi, trelumas, pwede na rin yung mga yun. Para sakin ang poser ay yung mga taong, emo daw sila tas may halong hip-hop. Daming ganun dito. Grabe, as in talamak.

    Para silang sipon (sakit) sa bilis ng pagkalat. Yung mga dating “kikay”, emo na rin daw ngayon, kasi yung ang uso. Take that. m/

  15. ~yo Euri… gusto mo malaman ang totoong ‘eMo’? (sounds at porma)

    punta ka dito > http://typecastmusic.org

    paborito kong banda to NOON… pero naung sumikat na sila dahil sa ka-eMohan… ayoko na gaano… mas gusto ko sila na hindi sikat…

    pakinggan mo ang music nila, sobrang ka-eMohan… pati nga porma eh…
    yun lang

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