Dearest lord,

I beseech you, my lord, please hear the sincerest prayers from the bottom of this loyal follower’s heart. You, the savior of my lustful desires, please hear me, oh my dear god, Gackt-sama.

To start of with, forgive me for saying that your songs as of late, bored me to death and your new look doesn’t arouse me one bit. Even though I say such things, I still think that your voice is more seductive than Hyde-sama’s and you are still the sexiest man alive. Yes, sexier than any actor and I really mean it.

Going to the main subject of my prayers, I am asking your eminence for a favor that I hope would materialize. I had a swift conversation with the Mama (what’s the female counterpart of Papa/Pope, anyway?), Najo-sama, as she had enlightened me with the oracle that your albums that I lack, namely Mizerable and MOON, are being sold at Comics Alley, SM Megamall Branch. After I heard this great news, my heart skipped a beat and I started to squeal like crazy ans wished to be there this instant. But due to the fact that I am working and that even if I am not, I don’t know how to commute (really), I can’t do so. So, my dear lord, please let all those who wanted to buy your albums be broke until the day I have the time to get my ass to the said mall and buy them.

With bloody knees, I am kneeling in your almost naked image to grant this selfish wish and in exchange, I promise to be your loyal fan for always, listen to your sweet seductive voice as I stare and lust for your desirable image each night from that day forth that I get my hands on them until the day that I find a new god to worship on which would take a few more years.

In solemn prayer,
You lunatic fan.

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  1. I’m totally LMAO at this moment!!11 Thanks for the laugh, dammit!

    Oh yeah, my prayers are with you. Amen.

  2. IIIIIIKKKKK!!! ano tong simbahang napasoookan kuh?! prayer dito, taz pag lingon ko sa baba fuck smart?! PATOOOWARIN sana ako nang mga dioza sa mundo!

  3. Dear, your comment is rather offensive isn’t it? I would like to point out that this is not a church’s blog nor a christian blog or a religious related blog. Just in case, you are gravely mistaken. To hell I care for what you say with regards to me or my blog. However, Gackt-sama is my god and I shall not allow you to say inappropriate stuff to him. 🙂

  4. I know how to commute papuntang mega. Samahan na lang kita kung magkakatagpo free time natin? 😉

  5. The Prize,
    Yey! I love you!! hugs I’ll treat you to any resto you want to! So, kelan ka pwede? As always, I’m only available during Saturdays. Not this Saturday (March 9th), though. I have an appointment at 2pm.

    Hindi rin ako marunong sumakay ng MRT. Pero at least, may jeep marunong ako. ^_^

  6. di nga?
    bus mo na lang… sakay ka papunta ortigas…sabihin mo megamol lang…tapos sabihin mo ‘estudyante lang’

  7. di ako nagtataxi… pang me pera lang yun
    hanggang lakad lang ako…mahilig ako maglakad hanggang sa maligaw…

  8. Dear, your comment is rather offensive isn’t it? — It was a joke Euri. It was because your posting has PRAYER and then right below it says FUCK SMART. Prayer and Fuck sorta doesnt go together. Sorry. I didn’t come to your house to have a fight. PEACE! I’m outa here. Best of luck!

  9. I wasn’t exactly offended by it. I woudln’t put a 🙂 there if I was. I was just telling you that this is not a Christian blog just in case you thought it was. Anwyay, thanks for the visit. 🙂

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