The “Anti-Social”

It doesn’t mean that just because someone always kept himself silent of things around him, refusing to say anything, he is, therefore, without resolve. It does not also mean that he doesn’t see or hear things around him. Actually, he does. Sometimes, he even see and hear things more than other people actually do. Sometimes, it’s just that he thinks of things in a different color. And most of the time, he simply just doesn’t give a damn about them. Thinking too much of things that does not concern him would be a total waste of time, anyway. So why does he need to care?

Most people think that his kind are weird and are anti-social. But this is because people are ignorant of what an “anti-social” really is. Even though they give off the feeling of coldness, they are actually pretty kind. Most of the time, they are even more trustworthy that the rest of the people that surrounds you. This, I think, is because they know what actual pain really is. Yes, that “pain” that most people couldn’t feel.

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  1. there are many connotations about sociopath or the thing called anti social, well i guess it all depends how we look at it . most people are idiots they all suck big time lol and to share a quote “IF you think something is right just because everyone else believes it , you are not thinking ” 🙂

  2. And having this so-called “anti-social” person as one’s best friend, one is sure that his or her secrets are well-kept.

    Actually, I can related to the post since most people told me that I’m unfriendly at first look. Well, I am not that sociable, but I’m sure that I can be trusted. I do things my way, the unusual way. Of course, humanly unusual. Lol.

  3. i’ve been called “anti-social” lots of times. ah well. i really don’t mind. and i agree with just about everything that u said. ^_^

  4. I guess different people define “antisocial” in different ways. I call myself antisocial because there are times when I don’t really want to interact with people – I’m upset or I’m bored with the same old shtick the people around me are doing. But I’m relatively harmless 😀

    As a medical/psychological term tho, “antisocial” is negative. They’re the destructive folks who kill and destroy properties, stuffs like that. I was highly amused when a friend forwarded me a link about a psycho, just because he saw the psycho labelled as “antisocial” and thought that I could be like that.

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