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PalayokBefore everything else, my mom arrived this morning at around 5-6 AM. I can’t tell the exact time because I’m half asleep. 😛 Anyway, what I wanted to share was my palm size clay pot (palayok as we call it here) that I asked her to buy for me only if, by any chance, she would be taking the road and pass Ilocos. And she did! So here’s my little palayok! Yey! Isn’t it cute? Its cuter when you see it in person! I will put my incense inside it. 😀

Last Monday, July 5th, the news of AMA and ABE merging into a single campus welcomed us all upon entering our campus. All were shocked about the order given by the main campus from the student’s to the teachers themselves. Though the admin didn’t utter any word about this and kept it all a secret even to the faculty and staff, AMA students accepted this decision with open hearts and tried not to discriminate the ABE student as much as possible as our instructors always remind us. But for a few narrow minded students of ABE, they could bare the fact that they lost their campus and now sharing one with us and create a few distortions to the peaceful atmosphere. One of which I had experienced was whenever AMA students walked pass them, they always had this “what kind of students this school has” impression of them and they even gossip, no, loudly discussing it to the public. As if they’re not AMA students now. Not just this, some of these said students tend to start a tension with AMA student by insulting some of us. Here we are with the good heart allowing our rooms to be divided into two to give them way for their classes and they call our room “stock room” and “junk room”. I wanted to remain wordless of these matters to avoid further conflict but sometimes, a student have to fight for his rights even though he knew that all odds were against him. And so, my story of what happened this afternoon begins.

The time was 11:50 AM or so. We’ll be having our Rizal class at 12. One our friend, Ryan Dizon, as it was in the traditional policy of the school to close the light whenever there were no classes, closed the lights at the Drafting room when he found there was no one in the room. He didn’t know that the ABE were having a class at the other room. Then, he opened the light, and turned it back off again. Then after, 3 of our classmates entered the room but didn’t open the lights. It is our habit to sleep at the classroom whenever we have extra time. Then I arrived at the room and asked them why the lights were off. And then, one of my classmates said “I don’t know.” Right after another classmate opened the light, one girl stormed our room in a rage and started yelling are we having class at that room. Karenn, our classmate then thought that there was a conflict at the sched and she said that we have a class there at 12. Then the girl started to yell again asking why did we turn the lights on and off. Karenn, said that we didn’t turned it on and off and someone else did it. And she then yelled again asking who was the one turning it on and off. We didn’t get her question right because of her usage of words and she was yelling. Then, I left the room thinking that maybe Ryan Dizon did it. Then, the girl went out of the room after yelling the same question trice or more and faced her classmates and said pointing to us, “Ganito niyo makikita kung gaano ka walang manners and mga estudyante ng AMA. Napakatanga na hindi nila alam kung sino ang pumapatay at nagsisindi ng ilaw samantalang nandiyan lang sila sa classroom.” (This is how you will witness how ill mannered student of AMA are. So dumb as not to notice who was switching the lights on and off where in fact they are just there in their room.) Who wouldn’t rage from her statements? I would be a hypocrite if I say that I didn’t.

Then, she’s continued yelling there again and again. I was at her side that time but left and went to lean at the registrar’s window, which is just two steps away from where she stands. Then, Ryan arrived asking what happened and why was she yelling. Then I exclaimed to his face, “Tanga daw ang mga estudyante ng AMA!” (She said, that students of AMA are dumb.) Ryan went to a rage but confronted her respectfully because he thought she was a teacher (so as all of us did). He was explaining, but before he could even utter a word, she slams a whole lot of sentences already to his face. SD and SRM tried to explain the situation but she remained closed minded and still on a rage and remained with her loud voice. What raged us even more when she, just a student talking such a high toned voice at our SD and SRM, which we all respected above all, without hesitation. Even still, SD and SRM remained calm and kept on trying to explain things to her but she just went on and on. What irritated me most, that gave me the eagerness to speak, was when she said that she asked Karenn nicely and didn’t say that we were dumb, where in fact, as a lot had head what she said, she said those words and yelling. She doesn’t have the guts to face the anomaly she had done and stand up for the words she said. Instead, she said a different thing and claimed we started it. If it wasn’t for a few classmates who tied me by my hand, I would go in front of her and tell to her face EXACTLY everything she had said that she was denying. I could attest to those because a lot had heard those words. I had nothing against her, but I just don’t like what she did – denying what she said. She said those words so she should face all the consequences it would bring her. For me, even though she seems admirable to ABE students, I consider her as a lowest of life forms. She doesn’t have a principle. And I considered what she did as mere publicity to her part to make her popular. She shouldn’t be stepping out of a crowd standing for all of them and then when the trouble comes, she ran away. Another was, she should not had said that we are dumb. She doesn’t know us. Therefore, she doesn’t have the right. If I would ask you is such deed admirable?

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