Something Weird

Last night, it was around 11:45 or so, my eyes were still wide awake and I couldn’t get myself to sleep. Then, a few moments passed, I felt a bit cold and then, I suddenly heard someone chanting a song… (Well, it’s like they’re singing but “chanting” is the best and proper word to describe it.) Then, one scene flashed to me showing four ladies who were all clad in white and were white haired as well. They seem to br floating from something cloud-like… They were singing that same song I heard a few second had passed then… The scenes seems so… ethereal… If I’m a born Christian as well as one, I would think that the Angels were singing to me. But I’m not so, I asked myself then, “What the heck was that?” Then I went on again, thinking what it was. Then I thought of things like, “The song was just from our neighbors practicing for a choir. And the scene was just an illusion made by the song.” I could take the scene as just an illusion. But then, me neighbors practicing? AT THAT TIME OF THE NIGHT?! Who would rehearse at that time? Then I thought again, “I was just hearing things and this was all out of stress.” I took those as explanations and tried to go to sleep again. When I woke up, the first thing went to my mind was the same thing. But since were taking the REALITY side here, they were just mere illusions in my view.

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