Thank you for everyone who greeted today, my birthday, the day before, and the days before that. I’ve received greetings from the usual people and the most unusual bunch, that surprised me!

To all those wonderful people (even though I do not know most of them) who sent me birthday signs, thank you so much!

Even though I still look like a 12 y/o, I’m now 25. For those who kept asking, I still do not have plans to get a boyfriend any time soon, much less to get married. So stop asking. Also, I’m not the one looking for a girlfriend. XD

For my birthday wish… I do not have a birthday wish this year. I just gave up on the usual getting tall and fat birthday wish last year. XD

For my birthday resolution, however, I will try my best to be more patient with people, and at most cases, their stupidity and mood swings; I will try to rant less and swear less; and finally, I will try the hardest for my self — to work hard, study harder, and play the hardest. =D

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  1. ^_^ (belated) happy bday!
    I’m turning the same age as you by Black Saturday.
    I like what you said: to work hard, study harder, and play the hardest.

    Cheers to us!

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