See a Doctor?

Whenever I try to think deep it, after a while, it seems that my mind would go blank. Whenever my mind would go blank, I would only see every thing as something white. It’s as if I was trapped in a bright white room with only me in there and nothing else. I couldn’t even see myself. Then, a while after, I would come back to my senses. I would try to breathe in as deep as I could after that. Then, I will gradually realized that I forgot to breathe in that short moment that my mind went blank as I was thinking. I couldn’t also tell how long have I stopped breathing since I don’t even realize that my mind went to blank, not until I came back to my senses.

This often happens. Sometimes, I am not even thinking and my mind would just go blank and same thing happens – I forget to breathe again. I think, this sort of practice is not healthy at all. Maybe I should see a doctor soon or something?

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  1. Dunno exactly. I am anemic. Sometimes, when I stand up from slouching, I have to stay still for a while for my vision to go back clearly after seeing ‘dark’ or something.

  2. trelumas,
    Bakit albularyo? Chaka san ako pupulot ng albularyo. Meron pa bang ganun ngayon? Seriously?

    Not really sure about it. But I hope it’s not psychological illness again. X-P

  3. I have difficulty breathing sometimes, I have a heart problem, literally. I have ‘nerbiyos.’ That’s why I stopped drinking coffee. And that’s why I was prescribed valium when I was in high school. Haha. Pero, valium is not only for crazy people. xD I’m not crazy!

  4. hhhmmmm.. when did you start noticing this?? Long time ago or just recently?? What were you thinking when did happen do you still know? ❓

    Go to know when it happen so you will know the cause. Nelson maybe right.. have to read more… ❓

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