Hurt a Friend

I think I hurt a friend’s feeling because of my persistent idiotic attitude. I myself don’t know what came into me and did that stupid thing. I know that I am upset and disappointed over the result I got on my defense. And I know what I did was wrong. I should’ve poured my disappointment into his poetry and picked on him like that. And I also know that my longing would never be filled on anyway so why bother comparing and thinking of it, yet, I did. I could stop myself from hoping yet, I still do… Stupid me, I know. 🙁

About the disappointment, yes, I humbly admit that I am not satisfied with what I got. I was given a chance to revise what I did until Monday. Yet, I got a really bad Prelim and Midterm grade in my ISM course that I need to really get a ultra high grade to cope up. And because of it, I couldn’t revise my project.

I feel devastated,
I feel dreadful.
I feel stupid,
Yet, I am hopeful.

I wanted to stop,
I couldn’t help myself.
I wanted to scream,
Yet, I contain it all.

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  1. Oh.. Euri sorry to hear that you didn’t do too well on your grades, but don’t get yourself down- you’ll get better! I assure you, once you hit bottom, there’s no where to go but up! 🙂

    You hurt a friend by criticizing his poetry? I’m sure that will resolve itself in due time. Do the apologies, say nice to his next poem and it will be all good 🙂

    Friendships are meant to have honesty in them or else it just means you sugar-coat everything so you make others feel better for a temporary time; if you are honest, you give them something to think about and maybe change for the better because of it.

    take care.

  2. =( It’s ok Euri, I always criticize people too and yah… I am sure if it’s a good friend they’ll understand you!

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