Never Let It Go

Dear Euri,

Ogenki desuka? It’s finally been a year. Thinking about how you were in the past year, I feel proud that you’ve already walk a mile from that old house you used to hide. You treated that those crumbling walls as if it were the only orphanage that would take the tattered you in. It’s as if it were your sanctuary. It both surprised and relieved me to know that you finally built up the courage to pack your stuff and leave. To be honest, I don’t know what would happen if you didn’t leave. Even though the thought of you either dying inside as the house finally breaks down or you rotting your life away inside comes into my mind, I get overwhelmed by the fact that you finally stood your ground. When I think about it, the year was incredibly long, this time. But you know, I’m really worried about you. I can’t help it. I’m troubled by that path you chose to and will be taking from now on. And it always keep me left wondering and bothered if you could bear the heat of the sun on the road, the thirst and the weariness that you might get from all of this. But I guess it’s something that you’ve already thought about and is willing to go through, so you have to face forward. And to be honest, I have this faint feeling of sadness. And because it’s faint, it makes me feel more depressed about it – like a fading shade of gray. When you left, you were very stubborn about everything. And probably, you try to close your eyes and only try to see things you wanted to see. But as time goes by, little by little, you learn to open your eyes, you learn to smile. It would probably be a while for you to see clearly, but I think, that’s already is a pretty good sign. It takes a bit more time, so be patient. I just hope, no matter what, you wont lose that someone. I am very hopeful that you would cling to it tightly and to never let it go. After all, it that’s more important than anyone or anything, because it’s you. If you’re on the edge, just shout out and say, “Fuck you world!” and continue on. You’ll get there someday, you’ll see it someday. Just hold on to that thought, even though it seems to be fading away.


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  1. Hi euri. Hajimemashite? Hope everythings going well with you and your loved-ones. Akemashite omedetou!

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