Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

Oh, did you know that Takeuchi Naoko’s Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon or simply Sailormoon, was reprinted? And that Starry Heaven is scanlating the reprinted version of it (you can find it in thier projects page).

Here are the sample Tankoubon covers for Volume 1:

sailormoon_old sailormoon_reprint
Left: Original ; Right: Reprint

I still remember, but vaguely, those times when I first read this manga. I think I was about 8 or 9 years old then. I was so madly in love with Haruka from then on. I started collecting everything I see with Haruka’s face from collectible cards, films, notebooks, stickers, ballpens, pencils, rings, necklace, and even paper dolls.

Ah! Let me introduce you…


This is Haruka Tenou, of whom I was obsessed to. Yes, he’s a girl – a butch, to be exact. (He’s so handsome and cool and hot~ Nyaa~~ X3) I was head over heels, madly in-love with her. No, make that obsessed with her that no other bishonen could come over. Yes, not even Count D (Petshop of Horrors), Kurama Youko (from Yuyu Hakusho) nor Nakago (Fushigi Yuugi). Shiva (from Tokyo Crazy Paradise) doesn’t count, since he’s a minor character. And also, Sakuya doesn’t count also, since I was too young to read smut manga then. *nyaaa* Anyway, I stopped fangirling over her when I learned of X Japan and how incredibly hot Yoshiki is playing drums (too bad, they disbanded that same year) and later on, got way to obsessed with Gackt and Mana at Malice Mizer. I still fangirl over her from time to time, but not as much as I used to. And there are countless of smexy bishonen (doing fan service too) these days that I couldn’t help drooling over it.

*gasp* I went on and on again. Me shuts up nao! XDXD

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  1. Ahaha.
    I have up to like, volume 8 or 9 or something. Whenever what would be known as Sailor Moon S on anime comes up. XD

    Truly an epic series. 😛
    And I heard that in the American dub, Haruka and Michiru are said to be cousins or something. That’s why they’re so close…???? I lol-ed hard for that one. XD

  2. Haruka is so bishounen-ish in the picture. I have some girls who wished Haruka was a guy.
    Anyway, just like what you mentioned there are other smexy bishounen giving fanservice.
    ^_^ I’m loving Junjou Romantica and Yami no Matsuei series (again).
    Nowaki and Muraki-sensei respectively.

  3. Hiro,
    Gah. I hate it when they change storylines for the sake of this so-called “morality.” Geez. But as far as I know, Haruka and Michiru are somewhat of a “best friends.” Although, they love each other in a romantic way, there’s no definite proof that they were actually lovers or is actually dating or something. It’s just that the storyline seems to suggest otherwise. Oh, my frustration… XD

    Yesh! Yesh! :3 He’s really handsome in the manga. He looks way to girly in the anime. It makes me sad… pout pout
    Ohh! YnM! I totally forgot about that series! Although, I’ve got hots for Muraki. I’m just a sucker for silver-haired Bishies, especially if they have twisted personality~ :3

  4. Dude, when I read the American English translation of the manga many years ago, I remember them saying that Haruka was actually half boy and half girl, and that he could transform at will (mainly when he needed to be Sailor Uranus, etc.). Afterwards I was confused by the anime and other people saying that Haruka was female, like only female. At any rate, I completely agree with you; Sailor Moon was an awesome manga (1000 times better than the anime, in my opinion), and Haruka was the best. I love Haruka! Even if he’s completely female, I would still totally fall in love with her!

    I do think Haruka and Michiru were romantically involved, by the way. Any attempt to paint it otherwise just seems lame. For instance, I heard some pathetic story one time that claimed Haruka was a prince in a former life, and that he and the past incarnation of Michiru were lovers, which was supposed to justify their “present” lovey-dovey-ness. I mean, who the heck would believe that??? >_____<

  5. i love sailormoon too,…i found a hentai version of this…they got banged by the z soldiers..from the dragon ball z.. LOOOOL …and yeah, i hate a new story line of this ol’ time kiddie favorite. sailormoon

  6. Panatiko din pala XD! ahahahaha!
    Ako din~ grabe~ maka-tuxedo mask pa ako! at ginagaya ko pa ang gestures ni sailormoon XDDD!! krahahahaha!!! 😀

  7. Waaah!!! I used to love Sailor Moon! Do you know that that was my very first anime? Ahh, the memories.

    I’m definitely going to have to check out Starry Heaven!

  8. Well ,I really appreciate your Hard Effort in gathering so info much for us.i feel that Haruka is so bishounen-ish in the picture. I have some girls who wished Haruka was a guy.!!
    Anyways thanks

  9. yes it was reprinted last 2004 during the run of the tokosatsu version of BSSM, Pretty Guardin SM 😛

    I bought the whole volume 1-12 it’s in japanese though.

    I ‘have up to volume 3 of Starry Heave’s scans. must downloadthe others soon 😀

  10. I love so much sailormoon, since when I was in high school I begin to become addited to this anime…and I have completed watchin the full series and movies…But Im not satisfy….I want more( I dont like manga) i want something series which can be aired and continue addtional season for it……Hi Im Mars from Philippines presently residing in Qatar. Good luck sailormoon lovers….Wish for more..

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