Hot Shot

There’s this new TV series being aired at CTV called ??? or Hot Shot. Well, like most of the TV drama/series nowadays, it’s also one of those manga-turned-TV-series kind. The original manga which was also entitled “Hot Shot” is a shonen drama sports who’s mangaka is Oono Junji. I actually am not very much fond of shonen manga so I’ll be honest that this is the first time I’m hearing the mangaka’s name. XD That aside, from the first 3 episodes of ???, I could probably say that it’s pretty interesting. Then again, I think it would be quite a talk later on since Show Lou (TV Host) is co-starring with Jerry Yan (F4/JVKV) and also, Wu Chun (Fahrenheit) is there (although Wu Chun seems to be the antagonist this time, or a devil’s advocate – who knows). I’ve only watched 3 episodes so far (care of CrunchyRoll) and I would give a 7/10 for the comedy and over all acting. I didn’t give that high of a remark since it made me feel like watching the anime of Slam Dunk all over again, of which anime I’ve seen for about more than 10 times already (I’m being serious, I love that anime ever since I was in elementary), with the Sakuragi-Rukawa comedic rivalry in Show Lou and Jerry Yan’s characters, respectively. Also, I do think that the over acting is a part of it since most manga are like that too in the form of chibi or super deformed characters and removing them would make the shonen comedy sports genre a whole lot boring than they already are. XD

And lastly, Jerry Yan better be boosting his acting skills here to at least convince me enough to watch his next series since I’ll be expecting him to act out my Tsuruga Ren-sama’s role later on in a TV drama adaption of Skip Beat. I don’t want to see another sad (but bearable) rendition of one of my favorite mangas again. Seeing Vic Zhou acting out Rei in the TV drama version of MARS made me lose interest in editing manga for months. And even now, I still think that he didn’t grasp the character well enough. Especially his warped up side which I love most, above all. And I don’t want this to happen again, since I currently have quite a bit of shoujo projects waiting for me to be edited with love and that Ren-sama is just too hot to pass.

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  1. :O:O:O I think I’m gonna watch this~ I personally like Wu Chun and Jerry Yan is hot~ but I hope that Jerry Yan will be able to pull off Ren-sama in Skip Beat~ I can’t wait~ kyahhhh~ <3333 Hmmm… I haven’t watched slam dunk yet, I heard it was pretty good but up to now, I still haven’t checked it~ XD I haven’t watched any shounen for awhile, but I hope this will fix my smut obsession even just a little~ XD hahahah

  2. Hey Euri, do you know that visitors still have to click the images in your posts to see the actual images? It shows your placement image “I’m an evil bandwidth thief.”

  3. Hi there Euri! 🙂 Yes, I am from the Philippines, too. Haha. Hello sa’yo! 😀

    Whoa. I think I happened to encounter that manga before when I was browsing for some manga titles. But anywaaaay, manga-turned-TV series are interesting to watch. Maybe I’ll watch it in CrunchyRoll, too. XD

  4. The only series I’ve ever become familiar with that is based from a manga is “It Started With A Kiss”. Right now, I’m trying to follow the animated version Itazura na Kiss.

    Hot Shot does seem (sound) like Slam Dunk. That Lou guy appears very familiar to me. Hmm, I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen him somewhere before. And ah, there’s Wu Chun. My dormmate who’s head over heels over Fahrenheit would love to hear this. 😀

    Vic also did a drama based from a manga before? What year did it go out? Haven’t heard at all. And you actually lost interest in the manga because of his acting? Oh, well.

  5. YO! ooo drama eh well looking at the poster it looks like its full of sexy guys so that’d keep any drama going (think if hana-kimi hadn’t had sexy guys in it no one would’ve watched it) omg I gave up on the mars drama because of the guy that played rei he didn’t even kiss the statue! I liked the girl (barbie some thing?) she was really good but the guy put me off the first episode! any who long time no see eh!

  6. u are looking out 4 jerry’s acting here to see how he will do in SkipBeat? Ep4 & 5 has more of what you are looking for, esp the Jerry & Jie Er confrontation. well i think Jerry had it easy here since his previous drama The Hospital is a non-idol drama w/ all the heavyweight TW actors in it. playing a righteous doctor caught in the middle of political struggle is surely a harder role to play than Ren’s in SkipBeat.

  7. aooooooooo……u gw suka bgt ma 3 orang ini

    wah wah,,, moga ja salah satu dari mereka jadi pacar gw,,,,

  8. peaks,
    Haha! I’m not a fan of Jerry Yan, so aside from this one and the Meteor Garden I watched ages ago, I haven’t watched any of Jerry Yan’s TV series. To be frank with you, based from what I’ve seen in this series (which is supposed to be his latest one) and Meteor Garden (which is supposed to be his first one) I don’t really think he could act. For some reason or the other, I find his acting rather shallow. He lacks dept with his acting. I think Show Lou acts better than him. But in the show biz industry, it doesn’t really matter if you could act or not. As long as you sell well to people. Face and image is all that matters, imo.

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