Internet Connection Please?

After years of arguing with myself and everything else, I finally decided to have an irritating phone and an internet connection installed at my place. No cable, just phone and internet. What’s the best one you could recommend? For privacy and stalkers prevention reasons, I can’t reveal my exact location but I currently live somewhere in Makati (for those who know my exactly address, SHUT UP, GUYS! It’s painful enough to hide from my debtors. :P) although I think I’m moving out soon – in about 6 months (uhh… yes, I’m an NPA). Well?

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  1. The only one I’ve ever tried is SmartBro and it sucks. Like big time. They say Globelines is just as bad.

    Well, dial-up…I dunno. We had dial-up with PLDT…don’t even consider it.

  2. look for a place where it is near in a wifi hotspot, i believe there are lots of place in makati na may wifi hotspot, atleast 54 meters siguro ang aabutin na signal ng typical na router :D..then just buy a wireless lan card and load it to your cpu :D.. or if you have laptop much better..atleast free internet access hehe.. .so bro palang natry ko eh at ok namn 😀

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