My History of Web Developing

I was surfing, lurking and reading my friends’ blogs* one after another like I usually do. I was held up by Hiro’s profile and ended up reading everything in there, including the pets page (stupid Kameko who ran away). Then, I ended up reminiscing about how I started with all these web related stuff and even ended up with a web related job. XD

I guess I never blogged about it yet, but everything started when I was so goddamn BORED. Then, there was this teacher who told me, “You’re bored? I’ll teach you something that might interest you.” And so, she started typing something in the Notepad with the lines:

<title>Hello World</title>
<body>Hello World </body>

She showed it to me and I went like, “WOOOOW! How did you do that?! That’s cool!” And then she told me, you could use Microsoft Front Page to start off with learning it. And so I did. For days I started clicking here and there to change colors and stuff at the design window while peaking at the codes so that I may know what to do later on until such point where MS Front Page can’t satisfy me anymore and so I started searching the net for more in-dept tutorials. My first site was in Geocities (uhm, yeah, I’m already blogging here using LiveJournal after I moved out of DiaryLand where my very first blog was). Then after, I met Kuya Enjay and he told me, “Why not buy your own domain rather than having it hosted?” Then after, I discussed with him things regarding domains and hostings and stuff. And after a week of brain cracking, I ended up with a name I really love and can’t let go no matter how many new names I thought of replacing it with – Beyond Eternal. And so, my very first domain got registered. =D I guess I shall keep the domain name until the day I die. Or maybe, I’ll have my children inherit the domain name too and to my grandchildren and to their children and grandchildren, thereafter. =P

‘Til now, I haven’t came up with a cheesy explanation of why I named it Beyond Eternal so my reason is always shifting from here and there. But the main idea of how I chose it is simple:

  1. I wanted a very generalized name that I could use even if I shift from different kinds of site and different kinds of layouts. This was my main concern because I know myself well enough that I get bored easily.
  2. I wanted the name with a word that depicts “boundlessness” to describe my (or a person’s) limitless capability to learn. We learn something new every single day and even if we spent our entire lifetime reading educational books, we can’t always know everything. There’s always a room for learning.
  3. And most specially, I wanted it to have a dark and elegant feel to it. Simply because I like anything elegant and dark at the same time.

Going back to my story, after that I used Beyond Eternal to try this and that. For wanting to create a better layout than the crappy old ones I used to have, I learned to click here and there too, using Adode Photoshop. And then, since I am a clean code freak, I learned the proper xhtml way and then later on came CSS to make my life easier with coding until such point that I wanted a simple guest book that have features exactly like how I wanted it to have that I learned PHP. Basic PHP is not that hard since I do have programming backgrounds and I’ve always been fascinated of how if else statements choose things depending on your condition and how for loops kept on repeating.

* As far as I was reviewing proper English for the Proofreading Guidelines for Eien no Shoujo that was long delayed due to my inevitable and most prioritized bad habit, procrastination, this is the correct form of it even though it looks stupid. And this is one of those simple yet stupid mistakes I always commit. I never get used to it. Geh.

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  1. ahhhh, the good old days of discovering something… makes me want to discover some new stuff… hmmm i only know where to start….

  2. Heh, I started in Notepad back in 2004 (This was when me and foxie-chan didn’t know each other. But try asking him about me doing HTML stuff at the old library at that time. I hope he can remember me doing that and having those old damned computers freeze on me. O_O).

    My learning of HTML was actually accidental. I went to right-click on a web page so I can get a picture, and instead I hit View Page Source. I was like OMG! So I just fucked around with it some and I was getting it like that slowly. I first went onto Freewebs. Then I took the major jump to my first hosted site over on Then once after Afef bought her domain, I was on there. My blog was the first site up and running on her domain, even before her main page was. XD

    Going through names tho, there were too many. Some of them were: Fading Whispers, Nostalgia, Rave’s Blog, eh…then after playing Kingdom Hearts and listening to the song “Destati” I finally chose my permanent site name. But honestly, it’s only been about since January/February when I finally made Destati my online last name. XD

  3. Wait a minute… you add the apostrophe to the end of a plural noun that terminates in a “s” and leave off the extra “s”. Friends’, not friends’s. That’s the way I learned it, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be done. Who wrote this guide?

    Yes, the Web was much simpler in those days. Times have changed. Good to know another Web standards advocate.

  4. MikoKagome04,
    I guess that guide was also wrong, huh. I took it somewhere and can’t remember. I just downloaded it like that off the web. =P

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