Every artist has deep felt emotions toward almost anything they do. It is this way that we find out how great artists are regardless if their works are of one’s preference and not. That strong emotion is often referred to as the soul of an artist on which reflects the artist’s heart and thought. Thus, the origin of Soul.

Being a dark artist doesn’t mean your works are evil. When you classify an artist something as “dark”, it only meant that that certain artist could see though deep in most things. Though interpretations are mostly of the cynical and perssimistic side, the strings attached to reality never leaves.

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  1. Hey there.. I visited your site and it says there you moved your blog here.. so imma visiting here.. lol.. 🙂 Is this the second attemp result of your making of layout?? heheh.. if it is.. nice work.. 🙂

  2. Evil is dark but dark is not necessarily evil. Evil can sometimes masquarade as light but still that does not in any way alter the fact that it is still dark underneath.

    Moral Lesson: Test the waters before concluding it is shallow.

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