Dark Maple Layout

I attempted to change my layout to black with Gackt on it. Too bad, my first attempt was a sad result. Since I grew tired of the default layout, I tried to browse here for a suitable layout. Yet, to my disappointment, I can’t find the right one that would fit my taste. So I guess this Dark Maple layout would have to do until I get to my second attempt.

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  1. Aah your site works for me now ^^ I like your new layout, and this ones really pretty too! I like it.

  2. Hey Euri 🙂
    Okay, so I’ll be going here to read your blog now ^^ I like the layout, it’s simple yet beautiful!
    See you ^^

  3. Your web titles are so inspiring Euri, I love it! I’ll change your linkie to this and since I am in the mood, I’ll redo your affie logo on my page too! Haha I love you, blog more dear~~~

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