WFE 928

My friend and ex-workmate Kuya Bobby’s friend, Edge was hit and run by some bastard. (You can read the entire story here.) If in case you happen to know who owns the damn van, please kill them for me drop by and leave a note over there or something.

Hitting and running, despite whatever reason the person may have, as you might’ve already known, is a crime. Please help us spread this so that the culprit would be caught.


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  1. I thought “Edge” himself got hit-and-run . Turns out it’s his vehicle. And here I was almost ready to pull my hanky or something. 😀

    Anywho, I hope they find the motherfucker who did it.

  2. absolutely a crime! Loko talaga mga tao. They’ll get theirs too some time. X-(

    Buti nun nabangga kami dati, hindi kami tinakasan nun nakabangga. Though they refused to pay the full amount. Buti nalang may insurance din kami. Hay 🙁

    Sige I’ll post the plate number din in my next blog entry. Sana matrack na nila yun taong nakabangga sa kanila.

  3. damn those drivers. one of former officemates, her car got hit. tumakas rin yung driver. pagdating sa hospital, she was bleeding profusely. she was one month preganant na pala.

  4. Err.. Euri, are you online now? Uhm, do you still have a little place for a subdomain where WordPress can be installed even only for a very short period of time? See, I’m bound for a contest tomorrow, and an option is to upload the files to a live site for pre-judging.

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