Equivalent Trade Principle

Equivalent Trade Principle:

Nothing gained is without sacrificing something of equal value.

I’ve always believed that when you want to attain something, you must sacrifice something in return. Likewise when you gave something, you expect something in return.

I never believed it when someone says, “I do not expect something in return.” because when you give something, that same law applies. When you gave someone a gift for the holiday season, you are expecting something from that person in return. It might be just a simple thank you, a hug or a kiss. Even though it might not be something material like your gift, but even just a feeling of gratitude towards you, the bottom line there is that you were given something in return for what you gave. That too, is part of the law of equivalent trade.

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  1. Full Metal Alchemist. 😮

    I guess the line “I do not expect something in return” is cliche in love. But then in y opinion, it’s more of like, “It’ll be cool if you’ll give something in return but if not, well, it’s still okay.”

    People are unconsciously aware of the Equivalent Trade.

  2. The Equivalent Trade Principle is actually a life principle as well as a principle actual alchemist applies.

    Are you a FMA fan? Although it’s true that actual alchemist also believes in the law of equivalent trade, I I still love how they tried to use that principle in FMA. Especially when the Philosopher’s Stone, at the end of the series left both of them alive. I think, the Philosopher’s stone also left Ed’s father alive so that he could attain for all what he had done before his body rot entirely.

  3. Neat. That was a nice way of relating it to this Christmas season. I love giving out gifts on Christmas, and I have this sickness where I only buy a gift if I’m so sure that the person will definitely like it. (quite redundant) …in return, the gratitude and smiles make up for it. HeeHee

    So sorry if I haven’t dropping by. I’ve been hesitating… if I should even leave my trail around here. It has been months and I still haven’t bought the skull figures from you. I am really sorry.

  4. Read Adam Smith.

    “How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it except the pleasure of seeing it.” – Adam Smith, The Wealth Of Nations


  5. Siyempre naman alangan namang sabihin natin na gusto natin ng in return to that gift.. Ako kasi gusto ko talaga nakakareceive..hehe.. parang ang saya sa pakiramdam same as pag nagbibigay din ako.. :p 😆

  6. hi Euri! how’re you? It’s odd… that very same principle is my windows startup sound (Al’s voice). haha… all the FMA love… I believe people always seek to maximize their utility… even when giving… so yeah, it isn’t exactly right to say that when you give you don’t ask for anything in return… happy holidays..

  7. We may not notice it, but that principle is applicable any time and anywhere. It can be applied on economics, love, whatever.

    There are some people who consider simple things that as “gifts in return”, like the smiles flashed on those people’s faces. When they helped someone and they smiled, it melts the heart of the kind person. Even if the person in need doesn’t have a complete set of teeth? Probably, yes. Either, coincidently, the generous individual is feeling emo and he/she needs a good laugh or it doesn’t matter to him or her if the smile is not that perfect. A simple smile is enough for him/her.

    Wait… Am I making sense?

  8. I am following principe that I do not expect anything from anybody, but if I get something I will be happy.

  9. What’s interesting is that while you can give without seeming to get anything in return, example of helping someone and then leaving before being thanked or what not. You still have the internal knowledge that you helped and made a difference, no matter how small. That tiny bit of knowledge, a self pat on the back, is STILL a form of return…

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