One Moment

My time, for a while,
Seemed as if it stopped.
My thoughts, in deep,
Seemed as if it went to blank.

I felt incredible uneasy.
I start suffocating.
The silence was deafening.
Yet, even a bit of noise is irritating.

The clock keeps ticking.
My heart beats are increasing.
My breathing becomes heavy.
Everything else becomes blurry.

The echoing sounds,
The perpetual repetition,
It makes me loose myself.
It drives me insane.

And in one moment,
A moment after chaos.
I stopped by for a while.
I stopped by to cry.

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  1. I can send you Diru’s Marrow of a Bone album if you want. Just let me know and I’ll go ahead and send it to you, ya. ^_^ And I’m trying to find that image for you, as well right now.

  2. my goodness its been ages euri I’m very sorry I haven’t contacted you in agess I just did my mocks and had no time for my own site or to visit yours sorry! if you still want to remain linkies my new website is I’ll keep your link up regardless (as I’m lazy hehe) its good to see your blogs still going and that your still writing ^_^.
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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