Never Knew

I saw Onii-san at the jeepney and agreed to meet along National Bookstore. We exchanged some recent updates with each other. I told him that I found out about a few things regarding our friends such as Jhay is now a system admin at some school in San Fernando and Mike has his mini call center now. And dang. O.o He already knew. And the asshole never even told me. I don’t blame him though. He’s not the type who kiss and tell or gossip around. They aren’t all that important of a happening as well, at least, not really that important.

I also told him that I like Mana more than Gackt now. He says he doens’t like Mana because he doesn’t talk. Well, that’s what I like most about Mana, so to hell if he doesn’t. *bleh* I really find it cute of Mana to whispers everything he says to a bandmate and/or to his/their manager rather than him speaking for himself. And… and… the fact that he doesn’t seem to believe in love makes me like him more than that before. <3 <3

“Okay, okay..” *zips Euri’s mouth and ties her off some pole*
“Enough already, dimwit!” *twitch* *twitch*
“Mhm.. uhmm.. uhhm..” (Euri can’t talk because of zipped mouth)

Heh. I have another screw loose. 😛

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