“Potion” at Three Sixty

“Potion” is an event at Three Sixty Restaurant and Bar where the theme was “wine, poetry, and music”.

Three Sixty is, btw, located at the 2nd Floor of A Venue Events Mall, Makati Avenue, Makati City (don’t ask me, I’m bad with places and I couldn’t even remember where that was).

Anyway, we, the members of the Dos official fans club (for info, you can contact me but we currently don’t accept membership lolz!) went there last Wednesday to watch a first time acoustic gig by Sundownmuse. Love the ambiance of the place. It’s Asian themed – a mix of Indonesian and Malay style, imo. Even though the tea pot and the tea cups have Chinese characters written on them, still, it’s Asian. I love the restroom too – clean and Asian themed too with the lovely mirror and the wooden end table. The food was great. I love the Calamares, especially. It’s nothing like the dry and tasteless Calamares of Pizza Hut (the worst ever Calamares I’ve tasted in my entire life!! XDXD). But ambiance and the food aside, the event was dead boring. Well, it’s supposed to be a poetry thing with music but since I love art in an artistic point of view, it still left me the impression of dead boring. LOL! The music arrangement was plain crap too. There was this irritating “bbzzz” sound coming from the mic and the volume was a bit low (yes, you can’t hear them properly). That aside, the most irritating part of it was it’s supposed to start at 9pm and it started at 11:30pm. GREAT.

But, since the food was great, everything else was overridden.

I took a few uninteresting photos using Dos’s iPhone without permission (I’m just rude that way. XD). You can find the rest of the random photos taken by us at After Life‘s “Potion” at Three Sixty gallery.

I saw Kitchie Nadal! But because I was rather too slow, the idea only hit me when we left. But then, I’m not the type to scream and yell “EEKK!! IT’S KITCHIE NADAL!!!” and run around asking for autograph (but if it was Gackt, Mana or Yoshiki, that’s a different story), anyway. Nothing really, I just wanted to brag that I saw her cute face.

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    Dos Fan club member #3: punta uli tayo don if u want 😀
    Euri: cge punt tayo ulit
    Euri: calamares ko!!!
    Dos Fan club member #3: its not that too boring
    Dos Fan club member #3: cute ng isang waitress don
    Dos Fan club member #3: ung morena…. soo cuteness 😀
    Euri: kaya pala!!1
    Euri: XDXD

    Sabi nga ni Jaja, http://tinyurl.com/3mr993

  2. Me, as a boring person lovesss bars with wine & music … hell i go to a different one each week xD

    You should’ve gone back and asked Kitchie Nadal for her autographhh! 😛

  3. Great food always overrules anything bad. XD It’s too bad the entertainment was boring though – it seemed like it would have been a really cool place to be.

  4. Wow, Kitchie Nadal! I didn’t know her before you mentioned her, but I immediately went to see that MV on her site. I’m not a fan of pop rock per se, but Kitchie has a very clear, very lovely voice. Very impressive.

    Man, I just went back and watched “Iniibig Kita.” Beautiful!!

    And by “overridden,” don’t you mean “overwritten”? o_O

  5. MikoKagome04,
    Nope. overridden is the right one. I believe that I chose the right word as I exactly had in mind – override. As in to disregard, set aside, or nullify; or to countermand – that override one.

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